My Evening Post

The easy way to maintain a journal, diary or captain's log.

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CorleyHiring@corleyh · COO @ Product Hunt
I am a big believer in journaling. I think that doing it regularly is a way to allow time for reflection and also removing noise from your mind. I also believe that doing just a bit everyday can be super impactful. So conceptually - love this. I would be interested to ask the maker - why email? why use this tool over some combo of a reminder and another place to write? And how have people responded to the price?
AndyMaker@yikes · My Evening Post
@corleyh Hi! Thanks for the comment. We're really glad to know you like the idea. We didn't really want to create just another journaling platform. We wanted something that just works with the one thing we all already use: email. However, we have lots of plans for the future and haven't ruled anything out. Thanks again!
Braden Hamm@bradenhamm · Designer / Founder
Dabble is a lot more similar to this product than OhLife. Can someone add it to the similar products? Evening Post does look like a good service though. It's 5x more expensive than Dabble.Me, but it allows for more photos which is nice.
Tom Graham@tompedals · Co-founder, HeyUpdate
This looks great. Journaling has so many benefits! We've taken a similar approach for HeyUpdate ( but intended for teams to write a short journal entry about their work each day. The progress principle TED talk by Teresa Amabile opened my eyes to this:
Alain Vandendorpe@alainv · Dev/Ops, Tapstream
This seems identical to the now-shuttered OhLife - any relation or comment? The pricing is much more aggressive, which seems appropriate as they shut down for cash flow reasons. Personally I would need to see stronger language around privacy and a commitment to facilitating data export anytime since journaled content can be intensely private. OhLife's eventual daily dropbox sync was an excellent later addition to the service.
AndyMaker@yikes · My Evening Post
@alainv We loved it so much that we wanted it back. We also added all the things that we thought were missing and plan on adding many more. Thanks for the comment!
Braden Hamm@bradenhamm · Designer / Founder
@alainv There's another service that started up after OhLife shuttered called It works just like OhLife and is only $2 per month. It was on PH 7 months ago:
Would love to see a back up option guys! Just for peace of mind. Ideally to Evernote.
AndyMaker@yikes · My Evening Post
@zee Thanks for the comment! We have definite plans to add some backup options.