My Digital Office

A virtual office for distributed teams.

MDO is a virtual office for distributed teams.
After working remotely for years, I have grown tired of green status circles. Is your team there or did leave their computer on and go to lunch? MDO is a new way to see status.
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Wow, you ~literally~ mean digital office. Interesting approach!
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! Have a few more feature ideas to try and disrupt the brick and mortar!
@rrhoover I happen to love this approach to remote teams
Hi All, I have worked on many distributed teams and this project was made to scratch a few of my own itches. 1) If someone's status is 'active' does that mean they are really there? I wanted a digital space that team members can move around in, interact, chat, and talk over video. 2) Remote teams can have issues with accountability. Who is doing what and when? Which team members are putting time in? My Digital Office (MDO) is a simplistic digital office, that provides a space for teams to meet online. It helps teams track productivity and progress. I also hope the team cheering function and social aspect makes it fun! Please try out beta for free and provide feedback :)
@wyatt_benno Hey Wyatt , I remember talking to someone about this product before. A few feedback from me while using the app. 1. I do not know where to click unless I hover my mouse to guess where to click. Maybe can improve the interface to make it much more visible. 2. Is there white noise available? I was hoping to be able to faintly hear my other co-worker chatter, but make it optional. 3. When I'm in a meeting room and someone is presenting, will all the member in the meeting room able to see the slide? I'm very excited of where this is going and kinda have an interest working with you (if you want) to grow this. Let me know when if you'd like to.
@davidyapdy Hi David. Thank you for your feedback. Great stuff and will look into implementation. 1. Any specifics on this would be helpful. Will give it a think for where it can be improved. Do not want to make it too realistic, people will start asking for MS Bob avatars... :) 2. Leaving mics on (optionally in-room) is definitely a possibility. 3. Yes. They all can see your screen if you choose to share your screen. The meeting function is on the short term roadmap for improvements. DM me somewhere, I can send an invite to my office where we can have a chat :)
Thats amazing, love the idea and the audio channels
very nice idea
This looks super cool and different! Why don't you consider posting on