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Drag and drop IoT project builder for Raspberry Pi

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This seems like a great idea for new makers! Any planned changes for Raspberry Pi 3?
@dancyfits I work at myDevices. We've heard that our Cayenne platform works really well on Pi3, but our QA team hasn't tested it. We do have a production push planned in the next week or so with new features (including scheduling!) and some bug fixes. Hit us up at @CayenneIoT too.
Looks awesome. Now I just need a Raspi :)
@jeffrey_wyman Thanks! It's a whole new world :) Pi is already incredible, but Cayenne makes it even easier to use! @CayenneIoT
@raspburrypi @cayenneiot do you know where can I find examples of a project that led to a real product?
@jeffrey_wyman Our @CayenneIoT product has only been out a little over a month (still got a shoutout from the Raspberry Pi Foundation though :), so we currently only have works in progress. Currently, our Community has projects like automating a turtle habitat, a weather station, a fish tank monitor, etc. You can explore them at
Totally easy to set up. Wifi connection works for me to set up @dillon1337
@_stritti_ thanks! @dillon1337 Cayenne can discover a Pi on WiFi or LAN. @CayenneIoT
Just installed it to my remote Pi. It's disappointing that I can't finish the setup without being on the same network. When I get home, will it work with my Pi connected to my router via LAN or does it need to be on WiFi as well?
Didnt want to spam you w notifications. We responded above, too. Cayenne can discover a Pi on LAN or WiFi. Cheers!
I would LOVE to use this with my robotics tinkering/project but sadly I have an Android. Though Im a little concerned where my 'devices' aren't on the list, if I had a custom python script perhaps I can link to that instead?
@evilspyboy Glad you see the potential in @CayenneIoT! You can definitely use it on a desktop right now, and our Android app is rolling out in just a few weeks! (Let me know if you’d like to try the pre-release Android build). Regarding Python scripts, you’ll be able to do that in the future. It’s part of the road map for Cayenne bc our Community requested it.
@raspburrypi @cayenneiot I think id be more interested when you hit the python script part. While Im just looking at it from my tinkering perspective but for something like the RPi & it's GPIO it is something that would go a long way.