My Data Request

See the personal data that companies store about you 🕵️

Hundreds of companies store & process information about you. In many cases, you're entitled to this data, as well as information on how it's being used & shared. We read these companies' privacy policies to figure out how you can get this data about you.

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Dre Durr💡
Growth is the only thing that matters
This is a must for everyone at least once a year. If you wonder why certain ads target you, here is your answer. The first time I checked out my profile data. I shocked to find such a detailed portrait of myself based on my likes. dope 🚬 🚬
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Alexandre Mouriec
Full Stack Developer
The website is easy to to use and links to directly find the right section are handy. Great job to the maker 👏 It reminds me of the websites which show how difficult it is to delete accounts on certain platforms.
Pritesh PillayOwner, AdvisingOm
Hey so in California we have a law that forces any company with more than 20 employees to give any CA resident all information it has gathered on the requesting person, which third parties they shared that with and what data/why. If they fail to comply or broke a law, that’s $3000 you can take them to court per violation or failure to comply per company. Im looking for a dev team that can help me implement an auto request. CA, the worlds 6th largest economy plus the EU after GDPR. 🤔