My Daddy, My Christmas

A lovely and hopeful game for Christmas!

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This is a game that I want to make years ago. Now, it becomes possible after I cleared my complicated mind with tons of barriers. I wish everyone could play this game for this Christmas and remembering the meaning of this special moment, is family. The game is very simple, but unique as after each challenge, our main character - Daddy will change a new vehicle then a new gameplay will be also revealed. The goal is also simple, get back home with his daughter for Christmas. My Daddy, My Christmas will be launching in Dec-8 on both iOS & Android. If you want the early access please let me know, I'm looking for some feedbacks to improve the game and believing that My Daddy, My Christmas is well worth a try. Best, Ell Tee
Gameplay Trailer of My Daddy, My Christmas
Now available in Google Play Store.
Very neatly done Ell! As always a great work :)