My Cognitive Bias

A cognitive bias explained every time you open a new tab

Our thinking is riddled with systematic mistakes known to psychologists as cognitive biases. And they affect everything we do. This simple Chrome Extension tells you about an example of cognitive bias every time you open a new tab, so you can be more aware!
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I always find it fascinating how humans have a tendency to surround ourselves with things that reinforce our own views. I've been using this extension for a couple of days now and it's already opening up my eyes to biases I'm definitely guilty of!
@riaface Thanks for the hunt Ria. Happy to hear you find the extension useful.
Hi everyone, A bit of background. My lovely wife and I worked on this extension for a couple of reasons: 1. I absolutely love the Cognitive Bias Codex poster from @jm3 but could not find a place to hang it in the house and make it justice. We agreed that an extension that shows a bias every time you open a new tab would be the simplest way to get constant reminders that our brains are messing up with ourselves every day. 2. I am a marketer and love all things digital. My wife, on the other hand, would describe herself as a bit of Luddite but she's very eager to get more comfortable with technology and get rid of that label. We thought that working on a project like this one together would help her get 'into tech' while we also spend some quality time together. So we built the WordPress site together, built the extension with a bit of outside help, set up analytics and everything else and now we're glued to our phones to check the stats in GA every 5 minutes. The reaction is very humbling. Since we launched this on Sunday evening we had over 7k visitors on the site. Almost 800 people installed the extension and so far we displayed biases over 65k times. On a side note, if anyone knows how I get the Chrome Store to update the usage figures, I'd love to hear about it :) Thanks for checking this out and we're looking forward to hearing what you think of it. PS: we had a lot of requests for Firefox and Safari and we'll look into these as soon as we can.
What an amazing idea! How many facts currently exist in the database and do you have a way to prevent displaying those that have already been displayed to the user?
@footer Thanks for the kind words. At the moment there are under 200 biases listed. We haven't thought of preventing biases that have already been displayed to be shown again for a couple of reasons. 1. You'd probably go through them pretty quickly. 2. We're seeing this more as a reminder of the biases rather than just a way to learn about them. Hope that makes sense. Curious to hear what you think. Thanks
Oh excellent just what I needed 🤖
@kcucchia Happy to hear you're enjoying it.
Brilliant Idea. Changed my new tab from product hunt to this one . Pretty excited to open new tabs now :D
@siddharth_ram that's flattering. Thanks. Hope you enjoy using it.