My Blend 2.0

Visual email & unsubscribe. Instagram + Pinterest for email.

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Hi everyone! Raffaele here, co-founder at My Blend. Our team is proud to launch My Blend v2.0, and we'd love your feedback! We first released My Blend last February -- our main premise, subscription emails (like TheSkimm, Nextdraft, J.Crew, Ozy, Quartz) should be consumed like a magazine, not like a spreadsheet. Over the past few months we've been speaking to users, gathering data and testing new designs to take My Blend to the next stage. For us, that means going beyond unsubscribe to build a platform for enjoying and sharing the content in your email. Here's a quick look at what's new for v2.0... • Galleries: We developed an algorithm that allows us to transform an email with many images into a Gallery. It's like an Instagram feed of that email, allowing you to Share, Save & Repost any image. • Share: Instead of forwarding email, My Blend lets you share however your want. Text your friend an image from an email instead of forwarding the whole email. Share to Pinterest or Facebook, right from the subscription email. • Repost: Found something great like a deal or an amazing article? Share it to the My Blend community with a Repost. You help decide the best content to be featured in the Discover. • Save: When you want to come back to something later, you can save it to your Profile. • Your Top Emails: the top of your home feed features Your Top 3, recent emails from subscriptions you marked as Favorites and ones you engage with frequently. • Care free email sign ups: Sign up to new subscriptions in Discover without giving that brand your email address. Remove it anytime, worry free. ~~~ We're excited about this new app, and we know there's still a lot to do to keep improving. Looking forward to your thoughts and feedback. Cheers! Raffaele, Andrew, Colin, Rocco, Yanxin
@raf_col looks like it says version 3.0 on the app store?
@bentossell Hi Ben, thanks for checking it out! It's really a v2 as it's the result of everything we learned after the launch (which was numbered 2.0 for some admin reasons)
This is the best email client out there, for my money. It's awesome and easy to use. If you are a visual person, this actually makes your live much easier. 2 thumbs up!
I wrote a review on the App Store. This is superb. Best mailing list app so far.
@goldstrom thanks for the love! We hope you can enjoy using the app 😉 and please let us know how we can improve!
Really neat app. My favorite feature is the sharing of a part of an email, like an image, instead of forwarding the whole email.
Love this version. Makes email less of a chore and more fun