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A personalized magazine of your lifestyle emails & blogs.

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Hello Product Hunters and thanks @dharmesh! We have worked hard on @myblendapp building on top of 2 years of email experience with our old app @cannonballmail We noticed our users were loving engaging with their lifestyle emails (newsletters, promotions, blogs) in a visual way, and we therefore reinvented the experience from the ground up, including some heavy duty tools to manage subscriptions as well. Our main premise -- these emails should be consumed like a magazine, not like a spreadsheet. We are very excited to start down this new path and would love feedback from the community to keep improving.
@dharmesh @myblendapp Hi is this product still available. I can't seem to access it from Germany Thanks!
Just gotta pop in and say that video was awesome. Clearly super targeted at a techy-hipster vibe but extremely well done. It absolutely got me to download :) Did you guys record it yourselves?
@eighttwo_three Thank you for checking out the video and the app! For the video we loved working with Douglas Gautraud (@Gautraudd1). He did an amazing job of listening to our rambling explanation of the app and vision for My Blend and translating it into this piece of art. We couldn't be happier with the result.
@eighttwo_three also thanks to @keogh_c who translates my italian into english so we could rightfully give credit to @gautraudd1... that helped a ton too also when we wanted to convey him about our wishes for the video ;)
#BEST NEW APP in the US APPLE STORE TODAY ;)) It's a very exciting day here... please help us to keep improving!
@raf_col congrats on the Apple feature!
I love this, and I love the video! So entertaining and perfectly relatable. Any chance at an Android app coming in the near future? Also, how do you guys find the pictures to accompany the posts? There are some lifestyle emails I get that don't have images in them.
@stefschan Hi Stefanie thank you for your feedback! Hopefully we can grow fast to android too... but for now we really want to make the best on IOS and Apple Love (they featured us as #1 best new app!). If there are no images in your original email what you see should be the logo of the sender
The video also convinced me, downloaded it today and I have to say its quite a nice app !
@klettseb thanks a lot! please let us know what we can do better