Hello. ProductHunt Community! We are delighted to present you our new game - My Baby Sim 2. This is our brand new baby care simulator that will help you to master all the skills and various aspects of modern parenting. Filled with practical life situations and advice, MyBabySim has become one of users’ favorite baby-care games of last years. Now we are launching the second season of this incredible game – MyBabySim 2 and waiting for your support! Try a longer and more interactive game with new levels of the must-play app for everybody who wants to plunge into the exciting parenting adventure. Season 2 has brought some significant changes to the gameplay. Now you can grow your baby up to seven months and enjoy all the benefits of a grown up baby’s behavior and development. - Create your own baby - Grow your child - Take care of your little one - Explore walking locations - Unlock new levels Discover new features and possibilities with MyBabySim 2 and share your impressions. Best of all, MyBabySim 2 is a free to play app, so it’s so easy to get started right now!