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Nostalgic, similar to Nick Reboot. My favorite part are the commercials mixed in between TV shows. Also check out My 70's TV and My 80's TV.
@rrhoover there goes the weekend.
@rrhoover and I talked about other nostalgic apps in this forbes video :) http://www.forbes.com/video/4005...
@rrhoover Whoa, that TV is in my old bedroom in my parents' house. If people like 90's TV, they might enjoy the video mixtape @alexbaldwin and I put together for fun. Many 90's (and older) refs in there :)
@rrhoover Commercials!!! <3 Ryan, you have done it again.
@rrhoover seen this? just published and it's hilarious....
This is a lot of fun. Great product for Friday on PH. Nice work!
Sad to see Nick Reboot has shutdown.
Love it! Takes me back. Too bad it wasn't posted yesterday for #tbt ;)
I just unchecked everything except for cartoons :D