mXers Modular Earbuds

Changing your music one part at a time.

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Hello Product Hunt! My name is Bharat Pulgam, I am a 17-year-old Junior in Minneapolis Minnesota and CEO of mXers Audio. It's is a true pleasure to be able to be featured in this amazing community! I imagine we've all broken earbuds before, and whether they cost $20 or $200, it’s always a nuisance to buy replacements and throw our entire investment down the drain all because single part breaks. What if you could simply replace just the part that broke…? That's exactly what mXers modular earbuds aims to do. mXers is the only earbud & headphone platform that allows for easy repair and customizability with a simple snap, twist, and bam! Our Product revolves around the concept of modularity and by creating segments in our everyday set of earbuds we've been able to create an ease of repair and customization never before seen in the audio space. Our patent pending connector method allows for a lossless and durable connection so you don't sacrifice comfort and durability in our product.   I started mXers Audio back in January of this year through the Catapult Incubator program in Chicago. After being partnered with some amazing advisors and an even better team of passionate students mXers came through as the most innovative product at that incubator.   Here is the link to the a video of the pitch mXers Audio did for Demo Day in Chicago. If you are interested feel free to visit us at and sign up for our newsletter! Since we our incorporation in November 2015 we have - Received our Patent and Incorporated under that State of Minnesota - Established and strategized national sales channels - Calculated Financials for our company for the next 5 years putting us at 6,000,000 in Positive Cash flow by 2020 - Strengthened Marketing efforts nationally by strategic placement of 10 brand ambassadors at national universities and high schools - Modeled and detailed product schematics and created final renderings - Increased brand awareness across multiple highschools's within the state - Worked with multiple market professionals to ensure a high-quality product - We have been featured in the news and you can find more info here : - Created an online AD campaign to attract more visitors to our page which has been successful in conversion statistics I would appreciate any feedback or concerns you may have! Your thoughts are vital to ensure we deliver the best possible product to our listeners. I will post more media on our page soon! Thanks Again!
This looks amazing! Definitely a problem solver. I'm a little curious about sound quality though. Does the disconnect between pieces affect sound quality/listening experience?
@joeygollish Hi Joey! No! Our patent pending connector method actually solves that problem which most people would think happen! We use a special technology to ensure maximum flex life while also ensuring no loss in signal transmission! Think of it like an an extended AUX cord of sorts!
HI ALL! We are so proud to be launching a brand new Kickstarter after selling on Amazon for over a year! Check our the campaign and join us live on Kickstarter NOW!
"We will provide clear and crisp sounds from your listening device all the way to your ear. With interchangeable earbuds, mXers allows the casual listener to purchase earbuds and gives music lovers the option to purchase the highest quality earbuds allowing any music lover to purchase earbuds with sound quality that fits their needs" bravo :D
@petergreeny Thank you Peter! I see your a founder in San Francisco! Do you have any tips for our future?
I burn through way to many earbuds. 😐 What differentiates you from the other thousands of companies in this space?
@dredurr Thanks for the comment! Our product is special due to the incorporation of our modular platform we are a unique contender in this market because... One, we have an amazing product thay hasn't been tried or is out here today. Two, existing platforms Don't allow for the concept of post purchase repair and customization, our platform does making us diffrent then existing players. Three) Our story is definitely one of the best parts. We are a group of young dedicated students who have been trying passionately to make this product a reality. People have doubted us before but after seeing the maturity and dedication we show towards this project we've been able to changes hearts and minds here at home. Hope that helps please let me know if you have more questions!