MVP Launch List

A collection of resources to build and launch your MVP

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Excellent set of articles to start with to understand the process. It will give you a framework to build out and test the idea. Many great ideas each one of us will never generate a dime and a process like this helps you to weed them out. I'd like to see a section put in also on tools that you can use to help the process along such as Carrrd or Bubble that people can use at little or no cost to build a very robust MVP. When you're out validating an idea, it helps to have some sort of rough prototype on your IPAD to walk people through to get more relevant feedback. For next to nothing you can now build that out in a matter of days or a weekend. Many newcomers to the space don't fully realize how far you can take this now with the only purchase being a domain name and maybe hosting.
@workstationw thanks for the feedback I'll add a tools section soon. And those are some great points. There's so much you can do with 0$, a lot of time and a bit of creativity.
Wow 48 up votes! I made this side project in a few hours yesterday but it's been on my mind for a while now. There are a lot of great resources out there about how to build an MVP but they're scattered all over the internet so I decided so gather them all in one website, similar to Startup Launch List by Panda.