AR Toy to bring music learning to life for kids

Muzzbloc is aiming to help foster early childhood development through music. The innovative approach to learning sheds an entirely new light on gaming with the latest breakthroughs in AR technology.

Isn't it amazing for kids to see the toys in their hands come to life on screen?! And now they can mix monster blocks and jam freely.

Hi guys, so glad so share MuzzBloc with you all! It’s every child’s dream to have a toy that comes to life. That's why we created a colorful, engaging way to use augmented reality technology, combining mobile devices and physical pieces in a new and innovative way. With MuzzBloc, children will start to recognize and decode musical combinations that were uniquely crafted for the game by world-class musicians. They chose to incorporate the global sounds of Flamenco, Bossa Nova, and World Jazz instead of traditional, often one-dimensional lullabies to maximize the developmental impact. This builds on music’s proven ability to help develop and expand neural pathways in children and form stronger and more complex communication networks. In order to make the almost unlimited number of music combinations, each character has his or her own sound, instrument, and rhythm. The various songs of MuzzBloc can be altered by the user based on the variety of music loops associated with each character. When a monster is placed at different slots in the boat, it triggers the same monster musician on the screen to play a different melody and rhythm. This makes music that is always new and fun. Say goodbye to getting stuck hearing the same song from a toy for the millionth time. We hope MuzzBloc will help evoke the natural curiosity and imagination in young children while strengthening the connection between mind and body. Our goal is to enable them to explore the world through music in a way that was never possible before.
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