Where 400 million single Muslims can meet

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Hey Hunters! Ryan and Shaz here. We’re building muzmatch (YC S17), the place where 400 million single Muslims can meet 💑 Marriage is central to many Muslims’ upbringings yet ethnic, family, and religious pressures make this a difficult search. They aren’t catered for by the casual, Western apps and existing Islamic offerings are outdated and ineffective websites. We’ve built a product that’s fun, halal, and works, one for today’s generation: - Chaperones: In keeping with Islamic tradition, users can opt to have a “Wali” present in their conversations - Full privacy: Users can blur their photos and use a nickname to remain anonymous to friends and family - Fully verified: All manually approved, Selfie, GPS, and SMS verified users - Relevant: Profile information that matters to many in their search, like Islamic, sect, and ethnicity filters 2 years in with 200,000 users, we’re thrilled to have helped over 6,000 find their partner. ✨Hunters get $20 worth of free credits, enter `oygkx` in Settings once signed up I’d love to hear your feedback and answer any questions ✌🏼
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I'm a muzzie. I'm single. I'm trying this out. End of message.
@fouad_tolaib Great! Feel free to send your thoughts to 🙌
Super cool, gonna def try this out!
@tabchas Sweet 😀
hi mate pretty good work !! gods know we need such a thing ! well am single i will be user xD , just have some would help i was using the android version for real mate the ui need some work as the general ui and some fundamental design points as the white spacing and typography work also if we gonna speak about the ux part and the usability i guess you have some issues - for example when user press match or un match a pop up screen appear with the icon with blur background and freeze the app for some secs it thats pretty annoying . - chat part needs some improvement , it's simply have lack of functionality , if i got matched and start talking for a bet i will get bored from the app himself i will ask the other person to get and chat out side the app tho . will thats what i have thinking about when i used the app hope it could help cheers :)
@mohamedsaid__ Thanks so much for trying 👊🏼 Glad you agree on the need for this! The Android app definitely needs some work in respects to UI/UX. We plan to make it use a top tab bar to match our iOS app in the future, for now though hopefully you at least found it largely functional and stable 😊 Totally agree and we can see that pattern of user behaviour already, media sharing is definitely in our short term plan, we use the chat to talk to one another and find that a real frustration. If you have anymore feedback please shoot it over to 😀 Thanks again!