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#2 Product of the WeekMay 28, 2019
We’re excited to introduce Muzli Search, the newest way to discover eye-catching imagery and ideas, all in one place. Check it out here:
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21 Reviews5.0/5
Muzli is already a goldmine of inspiring, beautiful, and fresh content, stunningly delivered every time you open a new browser tab. Now Muzli Search lets you find the eureka moments you’re looking for, so you can take your creativity even further. This is the only search function made specifically with designers in mind—search by filters, sorters, colors, and design terminology, and receive super granulated, intelligent results from across the web.
I'm a big lover of Muzli and this is a great step forward for this product. Keep up the great job you guys at Invision have been doing for the design community.
@clarkvalberg I was waiting for this feature! Thanks team!!
Cool stuff! Made this work better with the Muzli extension by clicking profile icon and changing Default Search and Full view on load settings.
Really cool, actually does a good job of narrowing down topics while getting the right type of content for design inspiration, nice!
Wow, great job guys. You've absolutely smashed design inspiration completely out of the park with this one. I've been trying to achieve the same vision with, but now I concede defeat :-) Awesome.
@joetannorella Thanks, much appreciated! ...and, we're sorry(?) ;)
Been using it all day now and it puts a smile on my face :) keep it up Muzli ppl