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Ronan Mason
Ronan MasonMaker@ronanmason · Co-Founder of MuzeRoom
Hey guys Ronan here - Co-Founder of MuzeRoom with @danwani. We’d love your thoughts on the site, and we’ll both be here to answer your questions! We created MuzeRoom, because staying in touch with the artists you love is extremely difficult. There are millions of artists, releasing millions of pieces of content (news, music videos, new releases, gigs) and yet the main place fans connect is via Facebook - where artists reach less than 3% of their followers. MuzeRoom is a smart content curation platform for music. Our engine understands your listening behaviors and artist preferences, and delivers a fully personalised feed of relevant music content. We are ‘the home of what’s happening in music’ across the hundreds of artist you listen to.
Jake Cohn
Jake CohnHiring@leftearpod · Founder & CEO @ And Chill
Seems cool so far! I like that I can filter out by artist and don't have to check all the different sites. What gave you the inspiration to start this and what is the long term vision?
Ronan Mason
Ronan MasonMaker@ronanmason · Co-Founder of MuzeRoom
@leftearpod Thanks Jake. The inspiration came from my personal music obsession and background working for record labels in digital. Long term vision is allowing users and artists to submit content so that we become the ultimate source of whats hot in music news. Also an app that knows what you are listening to, and presents you contextually relevant music news to make it a more immersive listening experience.
Jesse Thomas
Jesse Thomas@jesse_thomas · Founder and CEO, JESS3
Ronan is an awesome kiwi dude. Known him my whole life. Super excited for everyone to check out MuzeRoom!
JJ@just2jays · Full-Stack Web Developer
This is really cool! I've tried using Twitter lists for this type of thing, but rarely do they deliver much in the way of actual content (Usually just tour date announcements, etc.)
Ronan Mason
Ronan MasonMaker@ronanmason · Co-Founder of MuzeRoom
@just2jays Yeah the problem with Twitter is that there is too much noise! And you get tweets like 'just ate a burger' which really don't add much to your life! We've found if an artist tweets anything of note, a news site will write an article about it and embed the tweet, so MuzeRoom has that covered!