MUZEN OTR Wood (Radio Caroline Edition) is a desktop radio speaker that embrace the traditional design of old radios with modern wireless technology. Crafted with heart with a big mission.

✅ Clean and Outstanding Sound Quality

✅ Unique & Miniature Design

✅ Handmade out of Rosewood

✅ 10-hour Playtime

✅ Bluetooth

✅ FM Radio

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Hi Abadesi, MUZEN OTR Wood is made of natural wood. The handy retro style radio is sophisticatedly crafted capturing the essence of the classic radio designs. The exquisite sound and the smooth edges of the MUZEN OTR Wood will make you fall in love with it. Features FM, Bluetooth, three types of AUX audio input and 10-hour playtime thanks to its lithium battery. MUZEN OTR Wood is easy to operate with amazing sound quality, making it a perfect desktop radio. Embracing an extraordinary spirit and the integrity of its own belief, this special edition is designed as a tribute to Radio Caroline. 10% of the fund will be donated to Radio Caroline to help their broadcasts and keep the dream alive.Wood is lightweight and can be shape it as you please. However, it requires expertise to do it and take advantage of its properties, fortunately, we are experts. Thanks to our designer five-time winner of CES Innovation Awards, Mr. Zeng, MUZEM OTR Wood has been designed to bring the best and pleasant quality sound to your senses.
@allen_huang Thanks for sharing that, I just read up on Radio Caroline - what a great cause 🙂
Great job !! How’s it different ? 😊
Hey @allen_huang please tell us more about this product you've made 🎶