Muzeek (Beta)

Beautiful SaaS technology for the live music industry

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Really excited to have seen these guys develop over the last 18 months.
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@ryanholiday Thanks mate. Really proud of the product and how far it has come. Great team behind it all. Stoked to share it with everyone.
Hey Product Hunters! Muzeek streamlines the booking processes for Venues, Artists, DJs, Promoters, Agencies and Labels who book shows within the live music industry. Our technology automates all of the traditionally manual work; from date requests, holds & contracts, to payments, reports & data analysis. As your backend infrastructure, you can diminish tedious layers while automatically assembling public info to publish & distribute to consumers more efficiently (API coming soon). Our ultimate goal is to reduce friction & overhead costs for independent venues and spaces, help artists and their teams make more money, and pass the savings back to fans who attend their shows. We're tackling the heart of the inefficiency problem within the global live performance industry by providing a beautiful, automated process-solution to the outdated side of music; where a digital evolution is needed most. It was quietly hacked together in Sydney, Australia by a label/agency owner, signed artist, venue owner and a consumer; all unique perspectives needing to scratch our own itch. (Much of what we do is comparable to how AngelList works for Startups/Investors.) Enjoy direct access to our private beta and 30-days of our Premium features free. We look forward to your valuable feedback!
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Very interested with this!
@as_austin thanks! How can I help?
There are way easier platforms out that allow booking for artists. This is overkill.