Beautiful SaaS technology for the live music industry

Automate everything with flexible software designed specifically for artists, venues, promoters, agencies, management companies, labels and festivals.

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Love Muzeek! What a game changer.


There aren't any

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Hey everyone 👋😎 The Muzeek team - @mrtoddandrews, @daverobledo1, @jessengatai, @michaelhutton and myself - are really excited to announce that Muzeek is officially launching out of invite-only beta today. 🎉 Muzeek is a flexible, freemium SaaS platform for the live music industry; we're used by everyone from bedroom DJs and artists to large agencies and festivals. We focus on automating virtually all aspects of internal processes for our industry, with particular focus on our most popular feature of sending out beautiful, branded confirmations that automate your Calendars, Settlements, Payments, Reports, Ticket Building and more. You can also filter in date requests from a dynamic, sharable Calendar or Book Button. Other popular features include automating Contracts, managing Contacts, automating Deal Terms, Settlements & Payment Invoices, tracking Event Profit & Losses, insights on Views & Clicks, automating Ticket Sales Reports to others and more. Muzeek was born several years ago out the frustration of a lack of internal tools for the live music industry - specifically after the massive "digital" evolution for the recorded side. We place a detailed emphasis on a simplified UX, price point and ease-of-use delightfulness that enables absolute efficiency between teams without "boxing" them into a contained marketplace or feeling too complicated and intimidating. In the end run, we aim to save venues and promoters a ton of time, help artists and their teams automate opportunities, and pass the savings on to the amazing fans that support you. We already have thousands of users who we've worked closely with over the last few years while in beta, including NOISEY (VICE), Chugg Ent., Electronic Music Conference, Village Sounds and more. Join Free:
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A useful product , thank you
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LOVE this
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@mossylovesyou cheers man! You got a new tour planned hopefully?

Couldn't recommend enough!


Easy to use, smart and huge time saver/organiser. This is HUGE for the music industry!



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