MUTU Pillow

Adjustable, hygienic, ergonomic pillow

The world's first pillow using a patent-pending air-suspension system instead of filler. This means it's adjustable and hygenic.

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Yours truly likes to submit low-tech (non digital) products that have been reinvented and reimagined (check out the submission history). This is another epic one! Tycho and Suri, from Mutu have smashed it on Kickstarter, whilst their Indiegogo campaign is still going, they are doing awesome there too. The thing that stands out for me is that this pillow is adjustable, it is personalised to you 💯
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@elbahnasy Personalized pillows... I'm not convinced I need that. However if someone wants to make a pillow that lets me sleep through the night and wake up with my hair looking exactly as I did when I went to sleep, I will invest right away. 💅🏽
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@abadesi Now that's something!! As it happens MUTU is a result of the founder, Suri's PhD on sleep. Hopefully Suri and Tycho (the founders) should provide more detail shortly.
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Hi @abadesi so sorry for the delay, we're all caught up in manufacturing right now! MUTU can be adjusted to your perfect sleeping height, never sags and makes you feel truly weightless, because of the unique air suspension system that we invented. A personalized pillow is actually the key to waking less throughout the night! This is because we mean personalized in height. Most sleep disturbances are actually your body reacting to the onset of pain and discomfort - which is often caused by misalignment of your cervical spine, and compression of your shoulder. Misalignment of your neck and shoulder compression while sleeping usually occurs because your pillow is either too high or too low. MUTU is completely height adjustable, to suit any anatomy and sleeping style. This means less pain and discomfort while sleeping, letting you sleep deeper, for longer, which in turn means you are winning at life :) Its also extremely difficult to fall into deep sleep while your neck is misaligned, meaning its also easier to wake you up! MUTU also features an internal air-suspension system which absorbs pressure and ensures that MUTU never sags, giving you consistent support throughout the whole night! MUTU's air suspension system distributes pressure optimally, and it the closest thing you will get to feeling like you're weightless while you sleep! Evenly distributed pressure means less sinking into the pillow and getting a creased face, which might actually help your hair situation for the 'yes, I woke up like this' look :P Hope that helps - you can fin dout mre here: :)
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@mutupillow Thanks for all the info!
As someone who struggles with most pillows, this is intriguing.
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Hi @pupeno thanks so much for your interest in our pillow!! Is there something that your pillow isnt doing right, or something you wish it could do? If so, let us know and we can tell you if MUTU can give you a solution to your sleeping woes :) You can also find out more here Thanks again! xx
@mutupillow generally my problem is that I need more support in the neck and less on the back of my head. My neck is awfully straight, so, when I'm on my back I end up sleeping with no pillow. But I really need it when I'm on my side. I have an odd situation.
Great job!! 😊 How to get one customised pillow and does it ship to India? Pricing ?
@ayush_chandra pricing should be on the IndieGoGo page I think
Hi @ayush_chandra so sorry for the late reply, we're just all flat out manufacturing MUTU right now. We are so glad you like what we've invented - it took 2 years and came out of a PhD thesis in bio medical engineering so the positive affirmation that what we're doing is appreciated from people like you is so nice to year. YES we ship to India and the pillow is now available on Indiegogo for 40% off at $149. Please find out more here: Obviously feel free to ask me any specific questions you have here :) xx
I usually have to sleep with two pillows because my shoulders are broader than average. I’ve backed this on Indiegogo and can’t wait to see what it’s like.