Use a shortcut on any Mac device to mute your microphone

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Use a shortcut or the touch bar on any Mac device to quickly mute your microphone.
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Alex Barashkov
Alex BarashkovMaker@alex_barashkov · Co-Founder at Pixel Point
I often spend a lot of time on calls in the middle of work days discussing tasks, solutions and future plans with tech teams working on various different projects. While on these calls, I prefer to mute my mic anytime I’m not speaking. However, I often switch between browser tabs or look at presentations while in these meetings, which makes it hard to quickly unmute myself as I search for the tab and unmute icon I need. To resolve this, I began using a MacBook 2016 with the touchbar, thinking that adding a mute button to the touchbar could be an effective solution. This is what sparked the journey that eventually led to our Mutify app.
Dmitry Petrov
Dmitry Petrov@dmitry_petrov1
That's just a great app. simple, clean and works perfect. Totally worth it!