Better tab muting in Chrome

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Jared Sohn
Jared SohnMaker@jaredsohn
MuteTab just had a major update that takes advantage of Chrome's native audio handling options. Features include blacklists, muting by default, muting background tabs, music ducking (muting your music while watching videos), making it easier to find audible tabs, automatically muting incognito tabs, keyboard shortcuts, and more.
Adedayo Charis
Adedayo Charis@adedayocharis · Engracee/Entrepreneur ☛ Volta Charger
Yes finally, something for those annoying pop us. Is this now available on the web store.
Jared Sohn
Jared SohnMaker@jaredsohn
@adedayocharis Yes: (Or click on 'Get It' and then 'Install' or 'Web Store'.
Moritz Kobrna
Moritz Kobrna@neuling2k · Developer & Co-Founder @getbedtimestory
Awesome extension @jaredsohn! 🙌 I ran over yours when i was looking for that kind of extensions. Didn't realize it supports "music ducking" so i wrote my own extension for this single purpose: Smart Tab Mute. Anyhow, good to know there is another extension that supports much more features that just music ducking 💪🏻