Automatically mute all R. Kelly songs

R. Kelly...
If you've been watching the news, seen the documentary miniseries “Surviving R. Kelly” or have picked up the long-running #MuteRKelly campaign, you simple just want to be able to mute R. Kelly. Well, now you can.
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If you could skip R. Kelly songs, if they are in the playlist you are watching, instead of just muting. 4 min. of silence is better than R. Kelly, but would like to just skip it all together.


Great idea. Finally!



R-Kelly is still getting paid for those 4-mins of silence. I would rather just hit the skip button.
Can we do the same for Michael and countless other musicians?
Issue is he still will make money on streaming services shouldn't be mute him should be block him from ever playing on streaming service somehow.
haha! Amazing!
Cool idea. Can you add other persons to the mute filter?
@weltstrom Thanks Jesper! Currently this is a one-off. But that's definitely a possibility going forward.