Mute Filters by Feedly

Block distracting memes, amplify news that matters

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Hi everyone! The Feedly team is so excited to launch Mute Filters here on Product Hunt today! This is possibly THE MOST REQUESTED FEATURE by our amazing community. Mute Filters automatically remove stories from your feeds, based on rules that you define. Filters exist on top of your feeds, shielding you from time-wasting memes and helping to surface what's important. Spoiler alerts, memes, authors, big events, brand names ... the possibilities are endless. What will you mute? :) >>If you have any questions about how filters work or how we build them, please ask! *Note: We are proud to be supported by the Feedly community. Mute Filters are available on Feedly Pro and Feedly Teams plans. Find out more here -->
@editemily Hey team - just diving in with Feedly via Sprout Social
@ourmaninto Nice! Sprout Social is a great product
Feedly is awesome. Couldn't live without it.
@romainbrunias Thanks so much for your support!
Great feature! Feedly is one of the products I use religiously—really appreciate all the feature upgrades you've rolled out over the past 18 months.
@kate_donahue We love working with the App Annie team! Thank you for the kind words!