Mustsee is a Google Chrome extension whose aim is to provide a new way to discover the world’s most beautiful places though stunning photography.

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Hi folks! BIG thanks to @syswarren for hunting Mustsee! 🙌 We created Mustsee because we are part of a new generation always looking to discover cool places to visit, experience and photograph 😎. But the search for new places can also be tedious. So we tried to find a new way to discover the world though stunning photography of splendid places each time you open a new tab in Chrome. Mustsee gives you a fresh perspective on the world. Discover new places in a simple and elegant way. We hope you will discover places you didn't know about, through our product 🙂 And if you have suggestions of places to add, do not hesitate to let us know directly in the comments ! 😁
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Hey there! Been testing this Chrome extension since yesterday and so far so good. Been seeing beautiful pictures of amazing places around the world. Tips: you can click on the city (on the bottom left), and it'll give you the exact location on Google Maps. I've been adding a few places to my favorites to visit 😉
Awesome! Just a nitpick, you should serve the images from Cloudfront (or Cloudflare's cdn) not s3. Would be even more blazing fast, and it's just a config option and a domain name to set up. How many ≠ pictures do you have so far?
@julien_c Thanks buddy 🙏. Right now, we added more than 50 places. We try to add new places every day.
@julien_c great tip thanks, i was not sure if i should use AWS's cdn or another but i'll go for cloudfront then
Nice product! Not sure if Canadians from Moraine Lake like to have an American flag associated to them though ;)
@victor_challier1 oops fixed 🤦‍♂️. Thanks for the feedback!
Whoa, are you reading my mind? This is just what I need right now!
@markoxvee Thanks so much! 🙌