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#5 Product of the DayJuly 18, 2017

Mustsee is a Google Chrome extension whose aim is to provide a new way to discover the world’s most beautiful places though stunning photography.




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Loïck MüllerMaker@loickm · Design & Product - @mustseeapp @whyd
Hi folks! BIG thanks to @syswarren for hunting Mustsee! 🙌 We created Mustsee because we are part of a new generation always looking to discover cool places to visit, experience and photograph 😎. But the search for new places can also be tedious. So we tried to find a new way to discover the world though stunning photography of splendid places each time you open a new tab in Chrome. Mustsee gives you a fresh perspective on the world. Discover new places in a simple and elegant way. We hope you will discover places you didn't know about, through our product 🙂 And if you have suggestions of places to add, do not hesitate to let us know directly in the comments ! 😁
Julie DelanoyHunterHiring@syswarren · Design at Product Hunt
Hey there! Been testing this Chrome extension since yesterday and so far so good. Been seeing beautiful pictures of amazing places around the world. Tips: you can click on the city (on the bottom left), and it'll give you the exact location on Google Maps. I've been adding a few places to my favorites to visit 😉
Julien ChaumondHiring@julien_c · CTO at Hugging Face
Awesome! Just a nitpick, you should serve the images from Cloudfront (or Cloudflare's cdn) not s3. Would be even more blazing fast, and it's just a config option and a domain name to set up. How many ≠ pictures do you have so far?
Loïck MüllerMaker@loickm · Design & Product - @mustseeapp @whyd
@julien_c Thanks buddy 🙏. Right now, we added more than 50 places. We try to add new places every day.
Ariel DiMaker@darkylmnx · Developer, Product Designer
@julien_c great tip thanks, i was not sure if i should use AWS's cdn or another but i'll go for cloudfront then
Julien ChaumondHiring@julien_c · CTO at Hugging Face
@darkylmnx 👍👍
Victor Challier@victor_challier1 · Looking for awe-inspiring products!
Nice product! Not sure if Canadians from Moraine Lake like to have an American flag associated to them though ;)
Loïck MüllerMaker@loickm · Design & Product - @mustseeapp @whyd
@victor_challier1 oops fixed 🤦‍♂️. Thanks for the feedback!
Marko Vuletic@markoxvee
Whoa, are you reading my mind? This is just what I need right now!
Loïck MüllerMaker@loickm · Design & Product - @mustseeapp @whyd
@markoxvee Thanks so much! 🙌