Ask anyone anonymous video questions.

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Thanks for hunting us Troy! Mustknow is an anonymous video Q&A platform. Making video anonymous is a little counterintuitive, but we have done three things to make sure you are always, 100% anonymous: 1. We put a mask on your face 2. We change your voice 3. We send the video to the recipient on your behalf. They will get notified via text from a random number letting them know someone has anonymously asked them a question. Once you make your video question people can respond and you can get the answer to your question without ever revealing your identity. Hope you everyone enjoys the app! Would love to hear any feedback the PH community has. Jacob
I get the idea. Anonymous Q&A, great idea. But why video?
@tsunaze the kids love video. I love video
@jgcatalano simple answer ๐Ÿ˜„. Thanks