MustApp is a perfect app for movie hunters. It helps to manage your watchlist, share reviews with friends and explore great new movies. Completely rebuilt from the ground, MustApp 2 comes with new features like AI-based recommendation system, Series Tracker, improved search and the all-new design.

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Hello, Product Hunt! It's Alexey from MustApp. Almost two years ago we launched MustApp because we believe in two principles: 1) Life is too short to watch bad movies 2) All best recommendations come from friends And today I'm super excited to introduce you version 2.0 — entirely rebuilt, based on tons on users feedback (thanks to everyone who helped us all this time with feedback and advice, we love you), with new features like long-awaited AI-based recommendations system (who said AI can't be your friend?), new Series tab, and shiny new design. Hope you'll enjoy it and we can't wait to hear your feedback. For more updates, follow us on Twitter —, and Instagram —
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Overall amazing app! I'm not going to be deleting it from my phone anytime soon. A feature to discuss and debate about movies with people all over the world it would be the cherry on top.


Awesome Design! Perfect for movie lovers.


Facebook Login (these guys are everywhere jeez). Also would love some more social aspect, maybe a movie discussion feature

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Love the design of this app — super slick, and very well done.
@chrismessina thank for featuring us and for your help in everything :)
Super cool app. Problem is, I use Letterboxd for movies and I love it. If it would be possible to somehow sync both services Must would be the best thing ever!
@mahnouel hello, Manuel. Thanks for your feedback. We love Letterboxd too, but I'm afraid, guys from their team won't be happy about this (though if someone from Letterboxd is reading this — we'd be happy to make a partnership with you:)
Not everyone using Facebook though keep in mind for future features.
@rajasimon yes, thank you. Twitter and other login options are on the way to release :)