Must-Read for Slack

Build controllable must-read lists for your team in Slack.

#3 Product of the DayJune 25, 2016
​must-read is your digital communication assistant. He will help your team to collect important messages and links and track who have read it. You get and send lots of messages every day, some of them are more important some of them just “for your consideration” or “great article, have a look”. Some messages you send in Slack will evolve in Trello cards, Asana tasks, JIRA issues, Zendesk tickets, etc. and they should be treated respectively. It becomes difficult sometimes to focus on the most important ones and define those that need a reaction. You have to spend much time scrolling channels, answering DM’s and reacting to notifications. It influences personal and team productivity and makes communication not so clear and fluent as you want to. How can you understand what is a must-read and what you can easily set aside? How not to miss the most important messages and always keep up with your team? ​must-read will help every team member to control must-read information workflow no matter how many channels you have and how big your team is. ​must-read will help authors of messages to see if colleagues miss them or not. No more “Did you read it guys?” questions needed. Stop scrolling channels. Start building controllable must-read lists for your team!
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I. Need. This. I honestly signed up for the newsletter before I even integrated it with slack for my agency - ... Previously, I was adding things to my pocket account, then sorting it, then assigning tasks in asana to read it if I thought everyone should read it. GREAT job here guys!
@jasondiller Thank you for your trust, Jason! If you have any questions or feature requests, please let us know.
Hi guys, you had filling a hole in Slack. It is handling "must-read" messages really well. I'm not sure that what @Ujjwal suggested (a scale from 1 to 10) is a good idea. In my opinion, your bot must remain simple, a message is a "must-read" or not, if there is a scale, there is no value anymore.
@sylvainlaffont Thank you for your feedback! It is crucial for us! We promise to stay simple. We also think that message is a "must-read" or not (1 or 0). @ujjwal wants that our bot automatically knows whether the message is must-read or not without a user having to tag (mention) any message with must-read bot. And his idea is using machine learning and deep machine learning to do that. And for an initial stage of learning, he suggests that every must-read message author to grade it on scale 1 to 10 how close this message to must read. We think that it is not that simple with machine learning, deep learning as it may sounds. The most important thing with these technologies is a percent of mistakes that bot will make. It will either create great user experience or will totally break it forcing to correct manually mess that ai bot created.
Hello Product Hunters, We love Slack very much and happy to launch must-read bot for Slack on PH! If you want to see more features added or have any questions, we’d appreciate your feedback! Thanks for checking us out!
@ognevvv Its a good concept, and solves one of the major distractions of chat based development happening often these days.
@acpmasquerade Thank you! While chat messengers, primarily Slack, killing email in working environment new issues raised to be solved. We believe that Productivity = Do (operations) and talk less (doesn't matter with people or with bots, don't repeat same stuff etc.) -> Get more actually important things done. Right now if you are a good team member, you are supposed to stay on track with the team. In Slack. And it could worth tremendous amount of time if you do it real time. Many criticize Slack because their Inbox became more noise. But chat messenger, even the best one, won't organize our information environment and efficient system of our team's interactions. We humbly hope to make a contribution to solving some of these issues.
@ognevvv What about extending this a little further. Instead of just must read, adding a generic command which says to be pushed / notified only during certain hours. For example, an issue is reported but isn't that critical enough to be prompt in response, however might require attention atleast once a day, so that it isn't forgotten. Let the command be /notifylater @mention %some-date% and-the-msg-that-follows
@acpmasquerade Thank you very mush for your suggestion! To track in Slack whether people have read (react) to a message we need to make it accessible via Slack copylink, so it has to be whether in #channel or in DM with @ must-read. We have now some mass Stealth mode when message is tracked but it isn't activates Slack's notification system: If you add nobody but @ must-read to the link (or 70+ chars of something important for your teammates) it will be must-read for everyone in the channel. E.g. @ must-read: or @ must-read: some important text for all team members in a channel with 70 or more characters And we have in plans to add ability post these must-reads/tasks via /slash command or via DM with bot. And must-read then generate these stuff in DM with every team member needed say once a day at 09:00 (or some other custom time). Will it solve issues you are pointing out?
@acpmasquerade If you need just reminders - one time or recurrent you can use built-in Slack command: /remind [@someone or #channel] [what] [when] More info here: It is very handy :-)
Been trying it for two days now. Its an interesting concept but to be honest I keep forgetting to use it. It needs for me to change my habit of just dropping links on our #readlist, a way we manage our reading lists, quite a lot to be able to use it painlessly. I think a more intelligent bot that over a period of time assesses the 'importance' itself is going to infinitely more useful. Whenever a link (and this can be configured to be articles, images, youtube links etc) is posted on a general channel, the bot can prompt the OP of a link about the relative importance on a scale of 1-10 and then take it forward. Over time it develops the model of importance. I think ML and deep learning will play a huge role in reducing noise and making slack more productive.
@dillisingh This is an excellent suggestion. ML, deep learning are great tools but still we have to learn how to implement it into daily reality of our users not just for buzz but for applied convenient usage. We are working on it) We have many thoughts in mind on future of must-read bot and very grateful for all feedback our users give us.