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Must have must app.
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@alta1r congrats on the launch, looks awesome! A couple of notes: - "No connection to server" modal pops up quite frequently for me even though I got internet connection - the movie posters overlay movie titles making the text unreadable in some cases (e.g. "Snow: Queen of Darkness" poster)
@nivanchikov 1) We fixed a problem with the server, now everything is stable. 2) 2) In fact there is a problem, thank you very much, We took in the work.
Best movie app for ios u have ever used! Great job! Nice design some unnecessary animations but great experience overall!
@tnsrig Such reviews like this give great strength to work even harder. Thank you!
Must App helps you make a list of movies and TV shows to watch as well as fill up your watched collection. It notifies you about recent trailers and recommends interesting selections.
Nice! I wish it had support though...