Unlimited royalty free music sheets, tracks and textbooks 🎶

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Musopen provides recordings, sheet music, and textbooks to the public for free, without copyright restrictions.

Musopen is a non-profit based out of San Francisco, CA.

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Amrith Shanbhag
Amrith Shanbhag@amrith · Community + Social at Product Hunt
Interesting how they are taking a Duolingo style approach towards music.
Nash Gunjal
Nash Gunjal@nashgunjal · Serial Entrepreneur, working on SoJo
You dont have any plan to pay your staff out of dollar bill ?
Adeel Faisal
Adeel FaisalHunter@adeelfaisal2 · Making something new ;)
@nashgunjal Musopen also have paid plans with premium features but you can download unlimited music for free
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Law Student|Tech Evangelist
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out !!
Damon Macklin
Damon Macklin@damonmacklin · Founder of Musicly & UX Designer
What an absolutely brilliant idea guys. I'm thinking there could be some synergy between our two products would love to talk to you more about how we could work together