A visual Pandora for discovering new music

Musicroamer is a fantastic app for discovering some new songs for your playlist or even recompose it completely! Find similar artists to the one from your musical preferences, and let some new sounds be stuck in your head!

Thanks James! That seems to be the consensus but we have a lot to improve. The data is coming from Our long-term vision is to provide an experience that people really enjoy and then providing even better algorithm and data-driven recommendations. We're currently working on establishing a partnership with Spotify as well.
The visual effect is well animated and fun to use which encourages discovery. Type in an artist, and you get a hub and spoke with related artists. Then started clicking around and go a couple more levels. It didn't take long to find some good, new music. I'd love something like this integrated into Spotify or Rdio.
Hi ProductHunt! Founder of MusicRoamer here and will be inviting a few other devs to the discussion. We are trying to build a Music Discovery site that people LOVE to use to discover new artists. We've also been asked to branch into other products such as comedians, books, you name it! We are aiming to be as user-driven as possible so would appreciate any feedback you have. Thanks everyone, Tanya
@tanyacash21 Super cool discovery tool. I think the biggest strength is that it's fun to play with it and see where it takes you and what you find. Where is the data coming from that determines the relationships?
@tanyacash21 seems like an intriguing setup. so are you figuring your goal is to piggyback on the material on sites like SoundCloud and Spotify? How do you get around the licensing and royalty thing with the artists? Would certainly be interested in learning more!