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MusicHunt is the place for music professionals to share and discover new music, through a daily newsletter, curated by a music lover, blogger, journalist etc.

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Hello all. The concept behind Musichunt is that as discovering new music is becoming more and more dictated by algorithms such as Spotify's, the opinion of people that search and listen to new music every day is becoming increasingly irrelevant. MusicHunt is an effort to change that, to bring forward playlists created by people in the music industry that everyone can enjoy. Will be happy to answer any questions. Special thanks to - Revue for hosting the newsletter - Carrd for hosting the website - for hosting the playlists.
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Listening to the office everytime a new MusicHunt pop ups!


-Good & Fresh curated music by a different range of interesting people

- Easy to use w/ no additional sign up needed


-Would love the option to buy a track

There’s a lot to be said for peer to peer communities. The big players deploy technically Impressive recommendation engines, but my greatest discoveries have always been through friends. MusicHunt feels right to me.


Helps me find unusual artists that Inwould likely otherwise miss.


Community is small at thr moment, but appears to be growing.