Music Rover

Messenger bot to discover music you will love

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Hello Everyone - There are times when we love a song so much, we can't get it off our head. When we want another song to take its place, Music Rover can just do that. Hit up a track name that you love and Music Rover will find similar good songs for you that you will ❤️. We started working on Music Rover to have a bot buddy to recommend us music, by understanding our preferences in a simple conversional experience. We used the knowledge and experience from the bots we built for our clients. We are planning to release this as a Slack and Telegram integration soon, deeper understand preferences from the user and continue to provide solid recommendations everyday. Music Rover aims be your music companion forever, always ready to respond to you right from your messenger. There is no human intervention involved in the recommendations and so the responses are instant. Please let me know if you have any feedback. Everything will be useful to make the rover better. Thanks!
@kannan_rav Spotify not working in our country. Prefer YouTube link :)
@setkyarwalar Sorry about that. Feedback noted! Definitely coming soon.
Music Rover recommends music on Spotify based on the tracks you like. You can tell the bot a favorite track and what you like about it (Eg: "I like her voice" or any characteristics like Rap, Acoustics, etc) and it can recommend accurate tracks that you will love.
@erictwillis Thanks for hunting us.
Coming from a Music background i will certainly Check ist out! @kannan_rav
@fabian_beringer Thanks Fabian. You guys are doing a great work in bot space in EU. We will be interested in working with you guys.
Awesome idea. Good luck to the team! Waiting for the database to level up :)
Already found a few new gems, very nice!
@milla_killa Glad you like them! Sometimes even I get surprised by the Rover's recommendations when it finds tracks that are so similar to the ones we already love.