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Stream YouTube music

The most elegant and beautiful player ever in the world that streams YouTube music without limits.
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    play music on youtube while do other stuff on the phone or phone off


    nothing much besides sometimes it doesnt work properly


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  • Tín Hà Phương
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    Listening to music like youtube but no worry in turning off the screen


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    Good quality like youtube my mates

    Tín Hà Phương has used this product for one month.
Does it comply with YouTube's legal policy? Is there any concern with the app shutting down because of YouTube?
@imran_hussain1 dear bro, we do not cache or download the video offline as Google requires. There have a lot of apps with the same idea on AppStore for years. We do better, easier to use and more beautiful. Thanks.
Hi bros 👋 This is me again. I am the creator of Checkman - The Mobile App Design Checker. Today I present our latest app: Music Pro. Music Pro is the most elegant and beautiful music player ever in the world. Music Pro streams music directly from YouTube without limits. You can organize your own playlists, save tracks to favorite, share music with friends, and more. You can also customize the music player your way. With Music Pro, you can: - Stream any track and playlist from Youtube without limits and interrupting ads - Import playlists from Youtube - Turn off video while playing. NO OVERHEATING, NO DATA DEVOURING, NO BATTERY DRAIN anymore. - Play Youtube music in the background while screen locked or using other apps - Organize your own playlists and tracks - Customize music player your own way as your feeling - Listen to top trending music daily any country around the world Thanks for your support!
Thanks. Now i can listen song as well as do other stuffs with my mobile
This super awesome! YouTube has the best mixtapes and playlist by far! And the fact you can still listen while going to another app is perfect. Great job.
Very awesome app on Android. Smooth and perfect. Just curious that is there gonna be any web version. Because at work, listening songs on YouTube gets a little difficult.