Music Mode for YouTube

A distraction-free way to listen to music

#4 Product of the DayDecember 14, 2019
A Chrome extension for those who listen to music on YouTube but don't want to be distracted. Perfect for at work or while doing homework.
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This looks very interesting, and I will be installing it (once I install Chrome first)!
Hello Hunters! ✌️ This is something I created a couple years ago for myself because I was tired of how distracting YouTube can be when all I wanted to do was listen to the music. I turned it into a Chrome extension to make it easy for other people to use as well. I'm excited to finally share it!
How should it work? Dont see any changes in my youtube ( * You should refresh page, then it gets to works. Thanks! Very cool extension!
nice and simple - works as expected! now I'm off to focus entirely on code!
Also - should auto play next song if listening to a playlist, currently only plays one song then needs to be reloaded.
Thanks for the feedback, that's a good idea!
it's not even concept. just an idea years before release. unusable.