Music Memos by Apple

An app to capture your song ideas

Good video overview by @chriswelch and The Verge:
Love that it supports direct uploads to SoundCloud.
@rrhoover Kinda crazy - I designed and built a lot of this UX about 7 months ago. Literally nearly identical.
you forgot to mention it s by Apple :)
@ourielohayon I did add Tim Cook as the maker 😐
Speaking as someone who plays a few instruments and uses his phone to record snippets of song ideas all the time, this is incredibly awesome. I only wish I could transfer all my old "voice" memos over to where they now belong.
@whittierthany0u Exactly! I have so many old ideas and small recordings that just hit me at 2am and I quickly record them. This app takes it to the next level. It would be great to have support for older recordings and voice memos.
Ok that was fun. I made my theme song while riding the bus today:
This App deserves way more up-votes. I have been looking for an app like this for years. This app might actually change my life.