Music Max

A minimalistic music player for YouTube

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A minimalistic yet intuitive music player for YouTube from the makers of Tube Max ( . Gives dynamic playlists, ways to create your own playlists and listen to your favorite music in the background all without having to sign in, all in your iphone.
Trying it out now it seems to work very well with one caveat - the audio sounds... strange. Compared to listening to Spotify just now. Do you lower the quality a lot to save on data? Speaking of, how much data in your experience does it use? The same as if you're watching the video on YouTube?
@manevolence thanks for your interest. In fact, we do reduce the quality to save on data and load the music faster, so that, the user gets a smooth listening experience. We will be adding a feature to decide at which quality the user wants to stream in the next update. Until then, the sound quality would be slightly low. Sorry for the trouble there.
@manevolence Further, the data usage is lower than that of watching a video on YouTube.