Music Marketing Stack

150+ curated marketing tools for artists and music pros

Curated directory of marketing and promotion resources for musicians and music professionals such as booking, managers, SMMs and more.

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👋 Hey hunters, 🎵 Music Marketing is a collection of 150+ Resources for self publishing musicians or music professionals (booking agents, managers, SMMs, etc.) and is divided in these categories: - blogs / music submissions - books - crowdfunding - digital distribution - market research & analytics - email & newsletter - merchandising - photo & video - physical distribution - pr / publishing - social media tools - soundcloud marketing - spotify marketing - tour management - website builders 🎹 If you feel there's something missing, please contribute with a resource you know and click on the submit button on the website! Waiting of course for your feedbacks! Thank you and Rock on!! 👩‍🎤
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Hey @antoniobellu Is there copy of this anywhere? I would of loved to see what's on there.
Very useful! Great work guys.
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@juliusdesign Thanks Giuliano!
Thank you for putting all the information together! Excellent work. Upvote and Tweet from me. :)
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I tried to go to the website and it's getting a 403 Error. That the website is down.
hey link is not working