Music For Makers

Simple royalty-free music licensing for modern storytellers.

Music for Makers simplifies music licensing for podcasters, video creators, and other modern storytellers in need of royalty-free songs.

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Super cool product for all those who need free royalty music. we've seen it in images, videos and what not? I can see it being used by a wide ranged audience.
Hey there, hunters! (And thanks for hunting us, @yoavush!) As I’ve recently started to explore the world of video and animation, I’ve learned something that probably won’t surprise you: Finding quality music to use in commercial projects is tough and often pretty expensive. That's why I launched Music for Makers. Sign up, and every week you'll get one free, royalty-free song you can use however you want — including commercial projects. There are no costs or copyrights, and you don't even have to include attribution. We've been called "DeathToStock for music" (which made me giddy). If you'd like to learn more about why I started Music for Makers, I wrote about it here: Otherwise, enjoy!
@logannickleson @yoavush Any way you can make these songs available as a playlist on Spotify? I'm working to the "Uplifting" song playing in the background and almost don't mind hearing "Music for" over and over ago haha
@hienlam1 Ah, so you're just listening to the music for pleasure (rather than using it in a video, podcast, or other project)? That's really interesting! I don't currently have any of the tracks on Spotify or anywhere like that. But let me think about it. If there's enough demand, I may try it!
This is super cool and a major 🔑 for content creators. We know a bit about what a pain (even CCBY) licenses are to deal with from our experiences at Shakr so this can be a real game changer for people who make their own YouTube videos and other content that needs music. What's the the typical use case for your users @logannickleson?
Thanks, @antoneliasson! It's actually a little tough to pin down a typical use case. We've seen many people use our music in YouTube videos because the whole "no copyrights" thing prevents any problems there. But we've also had our songs featured in podcasts and indie video games — which is really cool to see!
Cool initiative. But it's a bummer to not be able to download the previous songs :(
And apparently the signup get stuck on "Submitting..."
Hey, @jpvalery. Sorry — that's unusual. Are you still having trouble getting it to go through? (I just tested things on my end with no problem.) And I hear you about downloading past songs. That's why I created the Pro subscription ;)
@logannickleson working now :) I can understand the subscription for the older one, but it'd be nice to be able to access like the 2 or 3 latest songs offered :)
@jpvalery Great! And noted — I'll think about it ;) By the way, be sure to grab this week's song if you haven't yet:
OH God! This indie section at your web site!😍 Awesome! Just want it to be my everyday playlist!
Thanks, @artboiko. Thrilled to hear you like it! 😊