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Music Coco is a music data and analytics platform, arming artists and record labels with big data and the ability to make data-driven decisions. Our goal is pretty straightforward, to use data to transform the music industry in. Our platform reveals the consumption and spending patterns of music fans. It will also provide early data signals that reveal when an artiste is likely to go mainstream or viral. The platform also reveals the Music DNA of a particular demographic and also informs the decision of the best digital platform that will give maximum exposure to a particular artiste. The service caters to these customer segments: 1. Musicians It helps artists track and measure their audience (demographic). So they can release music better suited to them. Know where your fans are located, their age group and interests. Artists can use the information on our app to get brand endorsements by convincing brands of their value add. Numbers don’t lie. Musicians can use the Music Coco app to improve their music career- improve social media numbers, write hit songs, and increase your earnings. 2. Record labels Music Coco helps you get a full view of artists potential or failings. It removes the guesswork from signing new artists, marketing, distribution and all your other efforts. It helps you maximize your artists potential and their revenue. Reduce waste of money and time while focusing on the metrics that ensure success for your artist. 3. Brands It empowers you with insight to successfully allocate marketing spend for your next brand ambassador, endorsement, or sponsorship. 4. Music Journalists You have more information at your fingertips to write about a musician or record label. This takes music journalism to another level backed by numbers. It is the music industry analyst’s favourite tool, where you can view all the data you need in a single dashboard. Get the numbers about a song or artiste on our app. Report up-to-date information and inform your viewers. 5. Music events (Award shows, festivals, conferences etc) Get the true picture about artists and songs on our platform. Use the insight gained from this data to plan your event.