Journaling app that makes it easy for non writers to start.

A web based journaling app that makes it easy to get in to the habit of journaling even if you are not a writer.
It works pretty much like a regular journaling app with the added bonus of quick posts, timeline, templates and goals.
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Andrei Brumusila
I do stuff
Hi! I’m Andrei, developer by trade, now bringing you my twist on a journaling app. When I started getting into journaling, like with anything, I started forming my own vision of what a good app for that might look like. The big picture idea is a simple app with a few key features. The first thing that I noticed is that is quite hard to get yourself to write anything when looking at a blank screen and prompts can really help. That turned into templates, so you can create your own sets of prompts and use when inspiration is not on your side. This should make it easy for people who don’t see themselves as writers to get into journaling a bit easier. One of the uses of a journal is to clear your head and figure out where you are going. And to me that involves goals. You can set goals in each journal and you can then continue breaking them down with descriptions and checklists. Another thing I want to mention here is the “quick post” editor. If you just need a quick note you can simply add a quick note. In the future, I hope to be able to make this more of a life companion, think of your own personal “social media” platform with a focus on journaling and life improvement. I hope you give it a shot and let me know your thoughts and questions.