Manual camera and advanced photo editor

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Im looking to get something for taking photos (good ones) on my trip to Bali soon. I no camera buff or anything of the sort - would love something simple to use and easy to master. Anyone have any experience with this vs others in the space?
@bentossell I have about ten different camera apps on my iPhone and I always come back to the bundled camera app. This one looks good though, but not for me because it doesn't support using the volume button as a shutter release. The great thing is that you can always shoot with the default app and process later with any other apps because most support processing existing photos from your camera-roll.
I really like Manual for iPhone => It gives complete control over focus, WB and ISO settings. No fancy filters though
I always thought VSCO was the best for filters, but after using this app, there's no going back. A ton of free, beautiful filters that don't make it look like a cheap Instagram photo!