Muse Hybrid Smartwatch is a classic analogue watch, now revamped with smartness.

Designed to be simple and intuitive, it uses the traditional watch elements to represent smart features. You can see time, how active you are & smart notifications right on your wrist. Control smart alerts & make payments seamlessly right from your watch strap.

  • Derek Kuttikkat
    Derek KuttikkatProduct Designer

    Love the features the product has.


    I would like to have it soon to test it.

    I am following this great product. They bring software and hardware perfectly. Love it

    Derek Kuttikkat has never used this product.
  • Janeef Mayari
    Janeef MayariCreative Designer

    Beautiful Design, Wonderful Features, 1 years battery Life just wow


    will have to wait for hands on it

    Loved the Whole Idea.

    Janeef Mayari has never used this product.
Interesting! Great looks with cool features and long battery life.... Yuppy !!!
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Thats Interesting! Wonderfull features. I loved the Idea of a Game connecting to our real life actvities. would love to get one for Myself :)
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Well that's a great concept and the Battery life is a life saver for many people. How did you make sure the battery can last that longer. What are the tests you have conducted?
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Great job !! 😊 Would love to feature this on my tech website, could we get an review unit ?