A space to reflect on deep questions

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Love it Parker!
@basilfarraj Thank you Basil!
@parkeraklein You are invited to check out Freesist on PH! :-)
Hi PH Community, Müse is a product of my own personal and on going self-discovery. Reading a lot of philosophical books and listening to a lot of podcasts, I began collecting deep questions and reflecting on them each weekend. I enjoyed the new ideas and thoughts these questions would provoke and the insight I gained about myself, what I wanted to do, and how I could best spend my time. I built Müse to give us all a space to reflect on deep questions so we can spend more time up front learning about ourselves and our values, and then spend more of our lives doing what we love and creating a better world. If you have any questions or opinions, please share. Thank you, Parker :) P.S. Thank you @olivierifrah for helping with branding and the user experience, @D_WALSH44 for constant encouragement, and Charbel for helping me figure out the headers for Android.