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This is a great site. I was actually looking for something just like that. I just wish there were also a female model showing exercises that don't require any dumbbells or anything like that. Just own weight. That would have been awesome!
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@o_annenko Thanks. More exercises are coming including female and at home/bodyweight. ETA Mid April. Just working on the body switcher (on the homepage)
@w0ts0n This is great! Well, then I'm really looking forward to it!:)
I have a new idea for you to consider! Use the your existing technology as a template.. For a similar muscle group/exercise suggestion website.. Which focusses on INJURY RECOVERY EXERCISES! I and millions of others have suffered physical injury!.. And this is the solution the market needs.. As injury patients require guidance on their recovery efforts. I believe this will be a tremendous Health Tech solution! Thanks for your consideration regarding this new development! Best regards to your success! Please notify me if there is an opportunity for me to help! Thanks, Jaswinder Brar
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@jay_bee12345 I agree. That's a market/industry that seemed to be overlooked in the health + fitness environment. As a use-to-be mediocre college athlete, that would be valuable to me. Also, let me know if I can be helpful :)
@jay_bee12345 I believe MobilityWOD.com or the folks at RomWOD can help with that - they've got a treasure trove of mobility and injury / recovery related exercises / movements.
Good approach and concept, but there is a lot lacking in terms of even classic exercises.
@w0ts0n any plan for apps?
Nice idea, but really needs to expand and give fuller details. There's a lot more to benching, for example, than the 3 lines it gives. Using a spotter, the effect of hand placement, shoulder blade position are all critical. omitting this is makes it potentially dangerous for the beginners it seems to be aimed at. Sounds harsh, but as it is, the lack of detail is either ignorant or disingenuous. I'd love to see this done properly because it has great potential. And it's really important that people understand how their bodies really work.
@marceglon This is very much a work in progress... Currently on the hunt for a technical writer.
@w0ts0n Great to hear, and I definitely think you're onto something. I'm on your side :)
@marceglon @w0ts0n As an MVP, I think this is great. Nice work with plenty of room to build out.
@w0ts0n @marceglon what are you looking for in a technical writer?
@mantritech @marceglon Preferably someone with a background in kinesiology. First to help us tighten up our instruction, then help us develop more written content.