Daily workouts on your iPhone

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I’m pleased to announce the release of Muscl app. Small easter egg for ProductHunt’ers. Go to Settings and select “Cat” option under “Sex” to get all workouts for free! 😺 Stay fit and healthy, Thank you!
@igamesdev ha nice! Lots of competition in this space, how do you plan on competing?
@bentossell Thank you for good question! Yes, there are a lot of competitors. This is just a MVP actually. The next steps would be: 1. Providing user more control over workouts (changing time, order of exercises) 2. Making functionality to create workouts. 3. Creating personalised plans and suggestions. 4. Socialise and gamify exercising process. 5. Expanding to more categories, basically to any that has exercises/plans to achieve goals (that can be boxing, dancing, yoga, ..). And I think at that point we would think about competing.