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The Muru App is now available to anyone that can connect online. From any device you can create a personal Spotify playlist within seconds. You can save the playlist directly to your Spotify account. Muru creates playlists the way a DJ would. All songs in a playlist fit together and naturally progress from one genre to another. You decide what that DJ like Playlist is going to sound like, by adjusting a few sliders. The native app gives you greater control than the widget, but this is designed specifically for the people that enjoy the lean back experience but are wanting a little bit more control over their music selection. This is version one of our web widget, so I'd love to hear your feedback on ease of use
@niccjohnson this is fun! I got a nice deep house playlist in seconds. You should chat with @hughrawlinson and his team about the Spotify api and some new integrations we've been cooking up
@cdcwatson appreciate the feedback man. Would be great to talk with @hughrawlinson. We have a few more cool ideas ready to implement
@niccjohnson sounds good, apologies got the wrong name but have updated it now!
@cdcwatson Ha, no worries.
@cdcwatson ps. Good list of books on A.H. A few I haven't read yet
Cool app. Question: Is there an app that can optimize the order of tracks in my existing playlists and suggest different track sequences (based on any number of signals, not the least being relatively high-symmetries from one track to the next)? Thanks!
Hey @christianhunter, interesting question and if I understand you correctly - I am not aware of an app that does exactly that, however there are apps that let you organise your tracks based on your favourites and a few other metrics. Ill investigate further and get back to you with my findings. With our native Muru (iOS app requires Spotify premium) you can do something of the sorts, but rather than with your own playlists it does it with the entire Spotify catalogue. So lets imagine you want to listen to your favourite Hip Hop songs, but only the ones that are at a low BPM and from a certain year (like the 90's) and not even the most popular, but rather some of the more obscure stuff you might have forgotten about? Well thats something you can do with our app - whats more our Dj formula will find the best way to sequence those songs together. Happy to chat more on DM if you want or you can check out the app at www.muru.info/get