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#3 Product of the DayJuly 16, 2016
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Mural is my favorite online whiteboard. It works the best for online collaboration with the team, remote brainstorms and visual analysis of anything you need. I use it all the time alone or together with the team for mapping customer experience, analyzing user studies, visualizing funnels, discussing personas and more. They updated service recently, improved navigation and performance. It works really great now!
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@anatinge Thanks Anna for posting MURAL. We were going to share it sooner or later so glad it happened spontaneously. Look forward to meeting you one day.
We started MURAL to help us co-design a video game about emotions. Large enterprises now rely on MURAL to collaborate on design thinking and other visual collaboration methods. It's been a long way and happy of what we've achieved. Happy to engage in the conversation.
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I used the product since it started and from the very beginning you could realize they hit it. The platform worked very good and it helped us a lot brainstorming on early ideas for a project. They grow a lot and I'm very pleased they have. Great team and great product. Keep going!
Wow. This would be great for meetings with my team. Using the mural should help us maintain the same train of thoughts when brainstorming or making decisions.And yippe everybody gets the same copy.
Just a heads-up, the background video looks like a regular video on mobile (see screenshot). I actually almost posted that your homepage video was missing audio, until I saw the website on my computer. This seems awesome though! You could definitely look into education pricing too; as a teacher, I could definitely see this being useful for myself and my students alike!
@maxwellhallel Reach out to the support team to get you into our Education pricing. We are working on some new ways to help educators.