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Chelsea LamMakerHiring@chelsea_lam · Marketer
Hi everyone, I’m Chelsea, a co-founder of Munchee. Munchee aims to be THE APP that would list out that one specific dish from different places in a visual way so foodies can quickly compare price, quality and reviews all at once before making a “satisfying” decision. Better yet, everything is presented to them by photos and videos (user-generated content) so not only will they have a sense of how good and how much the dish is, but they will also have an idea of what the dish looks like. Food-lovers can also “love” and comment on dishes posted by others, and easily “pin” down the ones that they’d love to try later in their own collections. Follow foodies you love is fun, too. Munchee also helps solve another problem that other food apps have, which is giving restaurants a fair chance of having their star dishes shine through so food-lovers everywhere can enjoy them, as you may agree with us that even grade C restaurants do have a couple of grade A dishes. Only food matters- it is! That being said, we look forward to sharing our vision with you and bringing YOU the most useful, fun, and amazing experience with Munchee! Check us out on the Apple app store!
Eric WillisHunter@erictwillis · Working on something new
Munchee is an Instagram for cravings. It lets food-lovers share and rate dishes via photos. Munchee focuses only on the quality of the food, not the rating of the restaurant. And users can get instant visual search results of specific dishes, not just restaurants.
Chelsea LamMakerHiring@chelsea_lam · Marketer
@erictwillis Thanks for featuring us!
Gary Ma@thegaryma · Founder and CRO, Virtual Fantasy League
Why does the app name not match the logo?? 🤔
Chelsea LamMakerHiring@chelsea_lam · Marketer
@thegaryma Hi Gary, this is Chelsea. I am the co-founder of Munchee. We started working this project last year, which is the year of the Monkey, hence the logo. Monkey represents intelligence, playfulness, understanding and bonding. Check out Munchee on the app store for more surprises!
Chelsea LamMakerHiring@chelsea_lam · Marketer
@samschmir This post is not from Munchee. Please stop impersonating us.
Gary Ma@thegaryma · Founder and CRO, Virtual Fantasy League
Hi @chelsea_lam, my prior comment was relating to the fact that your app was incorrectly named 'Munchie' on PH. Sam replied with a correction. All good. Munchee is a much better name 😄 🐵
Chelsea LamMakerHiring@chelsea_lam · Marketer
@thegaryma hahaha got ya! Thanks for clarifying!
Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
They should team up with EAZE.
Charles Thiery@charlesthiery · CEO, co-founder of TrendsTag
@chelsea_lam Hi, is the app available for Android users ?
Chelsea LamMakerHiring@chelsea_lam · Marketer
@charlesthiery Hi Charles, yes it will be live in the Google App Store in 2 weeks! Exciting times!