An app for moms & daughters, transforming the way we connect

Mumsy is an app for mothers and daughters to stay connected and feel together, even when apart. It is about bridging the bonds between generations and transforming the way we connect.
@mich_nemi What is the biggest advantage to using the app vs just texting?
@lajeunesse88 Thank you for your question! Mumsy is a special place for you and your mom/sisters. There are other features like notes, newsfeed, check ins, etc. that just texting does not have. My problem when communicating with my mom is that our communication is stretched with different devices and social networks which makes it hard to keep track of everything. I ask her for recipes and she sends it to me in a facebook message (then it gets lost in my messages) then she sends me articles to my email (and I never open them) Mumsy gives you a nice, user friendly place to keep track of everything in one place. Sign up for the beta! I would love to hear your feedback.
@mich_nemi love this idea my husband and I already use couple so will be similar
@Mich_Nemi, please tell us more about Mumsy :-)
Interesting! I'm a son, but I'm close to my mother, and I do share photos, ask questions, and send love to mom already using Facebook, email, and text. Our needs are met well enough already so I doubt I'd use something like this. But perhaps many other children would - can't wait to see how this is received. I assume you'll go for sons next?